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Safety and Reliability

Electricity Safety

Our electric system includes high-voltage equipment and high-risk areas. Use extreme caution when working or playing near them.

Generator Safety

If you plan to use a portable generator, follow our checklist of important safety precautions. Plus, learn about generator loans.

Hurricane Safety

We continually monitor weather conditions and prepare in advance. We suggest you follow our tips to stay safe during a hurricane.

Storm Center

Be ready for severe weather with our emergency kit checklist, live outage map, and tips on preparedness.

Avoid Scams

Imposter scams are the number one type of fraud consumers report to the FTC. We'll teach you how to outsmart the scammers.

Call SC811 before you dig

SC811 Call Before You Dig

If you plan to dig or excavate, it's important to get in touch at least 72 hours in advance.

A man is pictured using a chainsaw to clear trees

Tree Trimming & Power Lines

If you clear your yard or land of trees, there are some things you need to be aware of — power lines.

Right of way clearing is seen happening near power lines

Right of Way Clearing

We're committed to providing safe, reliable service, and that includes vegetation management.

Rows of electrical meters are pictured

Energy Theft & Tampering

Theft includes vandalizing property and diverting power from another member’s home.

Beat the Peak logo

Help Keep Energy Prices Down

Beat the Peak is a free and voluntary effort to help control energy costs for all cooperative members by reducing electricity use during the time of day when demand peaks, such as bleak winter mornings or steamy summer afternoons. Members sign up to be alerted when wholesale electricity prices spike. These alerts encourage members to reduce energy use during these times and provide tips on how to do that, keeping costs down for everyone.

ACSI® 2023 Award

Coastal Electric Cooperative Earns An ACSI® 2023 Customer Satisfaction Award

Coastal Electric Cooperative earns this award based on data modeled by the ACSI® in 2023. Award criteria are determined by the ACSI based on customers rating their satisfaction with CEC in a survey independent of the syndicated ACSI Energy Utility Study. For more about the ACSI, visit ACSI and its logo are registered trademarks of the American Customer Satisfaction Index LLC.