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Report an Outage

We're usually aware of outages, but it's important to contact us immediately whenever an outage has occurred.

Outage Map

With Coastal Electric's outage map, you can view current outages in your area with real-time accuracy. 

Watch the Weather

Monitor severe weather conditions with the SC Emergency Management Division and the National Hurricane Center.

Storm Center

Electrical safety represented with a sign

Safety in a Storm & Beyond

From electrical, generator, and hurricane safety to year-round info on tree trimming and avoiding scams, we've got advice.

Linemen work to restore power in this nighttime photo

Power Restoration

There's nothing routine when restoring power after a storm. Understanding our process can help ease your mind.

Satellite view of Atlantic hurricane

Outage Preparedness

It doesn't take a lot of money or time to prepare for a storm, but it does require some planning beforehand.

Photo of emergency kit meidcal supplies

Emergency Kit Checklist

Coastal Electric has put together an extensive list of suggested supplies for your Emergency/Disaster Supply Kit.

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Call Before You Dig logo is pictured

Avoid Causing Your Own Outage

We think of storms, trees, and the occasional squirrel as the causes of power outages, but sometimes human behavior is to blame. That's why it's important to Call SC811 Before You Dig. With more utility companies delivering services underground, landscaping and excavating in your own yard can quickly turn into a dangerous, costly situation. Protect yourself and others with a call or click to 811. It's fast, free, and it’s the law!