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Our History

Coastal Electric Cooperative (CEC) was organized by a group of farmers in January of 1940 as a non-profit organization to be owned by its members and governed by a Board of Trustees to be elected by its members. During that same year, plans were coordinated for the procurement of right of way easements, membership guidelines were established, territory lines were designated, and maps of proposed power lines were created. A loan request and proposal to serve 770 members was approved by the REA (Rural Electrification Administration).

In August of 1940, right-of-way clearing began to allow for the construction of power lines. Many families could not afford a required $5.00 membership fee, so they were allowed to assist with right-of-way clearing in lieu of paying the fee.

In 1950 the Cooperative installed its first two-way radio, and a "new" office building was completed in 1951.

Today, the area served by CEC is divided into 9 districts. One member from each district serves on the Board of Trustees for a 3 year term. These Trustees meet once a month and manage the business and affairs of the Cooperative.