Welcome to the New Employee Intranet!

Our new and improved Coastal Electric Cooperative site includes lots of features for our members, and it also includes lots of features for CEC employees.

First and foremost, you’ll find all your Employee Handbook PDFs here. All are available to view, download, and print at your convenience.

There are also “quicklinks” to get to sites that are important for employees.

The calendar is where you’ll find Coastal Electric events, ranging from holidays to important meetings to fun activities and even birthday reminders.

You’ll also notice several informational blocks, like our Facebook feed and the current outage map.

And finally, this post is just the first to appear in our new Employee News & Announcements section. In this front-and-center collection of topics, we’ll pass along important information, news of upcoming events and initiatives, “mark your calendar” reminders, plus some of the more personal topics we discuss as cooperative employees – community issues, charitable opportunities, and more.

We hope you enjoy your new home-within-our-home at Coastal Electric Cooperative!