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CEC Annual Meeting

Every year in the Fall, Coastal Electric Cooperative has invited members out for the annual membership meeting. Over the years we have seen attendance as high as 2,000 or more people. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 health risks this year, we cannot safely conduct a meeting of this size.

Instead, we are going to hold a virtual annual meeting. What does this mean?

  • In the past, on Saturday morning, we would come to the Co-op to register and vote, attend the business meeting, and have a chance to win one of the grand prizes, This year, however, instead of a Saturday in-person meeting, we will be doing registration and voting on Thursday and Friday as a drive-thru - meaning you will never have to leave your car. There will not be anything happening at the Co-op on Saturday.
  • You will not have to be present to win any of the prizes.
  • The business meeting and prize drawing will be held live on our co-op website here.
  • Of course, you still have to be the member listed on your account in order to register, vote and be eligible to win the prizes.
  • You will no longer be able to register and vote a power of attorney.

As a member of Coastal Electric, you have the right and opportunity to attend one of the most important meetings of the year for your Co-op. It just won't be in person.