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Generator Safety

image of tips to safely use an emergency generator

if you plan to use a portable generator, here are some important safety precautions:

  1. Read all instructions carefully and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
  2. Never run your generator indoors or in your garage. Generators should only be run in a well-ventilated area. Gasoline-powered generators produce carbon monoxide and the fumes can be deadly if there is not adequate ventilation.
  3. Plug appliances directly into the generator using heavy duty, properly grounded extension cords.
  4. Make sure that extension cords are not frayed or worn.
  5. Limit the electrical load placed on the generator to no more than the recommended wattage.
  6. Do not connect your power generator directly to your home's main fuse box or circuit panel.
  7. Use the generator only when necessary.
  8. Turn the generator off at night while you sleep and when you are away from home.
  9. If you have any questions about how to properly use a portable electric generator, contact the manufacturer or a licensed electrician for assistance.

Proper Generator Connection Vital

Connecting a generator to main electrical supply for your house requires the services of a licensed electrician. Notify Coastal Electric before connecting the generator to your household circuit.

Ultimately, if you are a licensed electrician, the only acceptable way of connecting a generator to your home's electric system is through a double-pole, double-throw transfer switch.

This switch disconnects your electric system from Coastal Electric's power lines and will:

  • Eliminate the likelihood that your generator will send electricity onto the cooperative's line, which is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly for our linemen who are working on a line that is supposed to be de-energized.
  • Eliminate the likelihood that restoring power from the Coastal Electric distribution system will destroy an improperly connected generator when electric service is restored.

Need an emergency generator?

See our standby generator page - you may qualify for on-bill financing for a new whole house generator.