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Electrical Safety

Be Electricity Aware

Coastal's electric system includes high-voltage equipment and high-risk areas. Use EXTREME CAUTION when working or playing near them.

Keep these life-saving tips in mind:

  1. Underground lines. Call before you dig. If you hit an underground line, you could be seriously injured. By law, you could also be liable for damages. Before digging or moving earth, call PUPS, the local one-call utility locating service to locate all the underground utility lines.
  2. Tree Safety. Work and play safely around trees. Contact your local electric utility before pruning, trimming, or cutting down trees that are near overhead lines. Don't let children climb trees that are near overhead lines.
  3. High-Voltage Towers. Stay clear of high-voltage towers. Never touch or climb on these towers. Overhead wires and other tower equipment carry very high-voltage electricity.
  4. Overhead lines. Keep your distance! When carrying and using ladders and other long tools, make sure to keep them at least 10 feet away from all overhead lines-including the line from the power pole to your home.
  5. Substations. Stay out of substations. Tell children that if a ball or toy gets into a substation they should tell an adult to call the power company. Never try to retrieve the toy yourself.
  6. Pad-Mounted Transformers. Don't dig near them or try to open them. These transformers are contained inside sturdy metal cabinets that are locked for safety. Never sit on or near them. If you find one that's unlocked, call Coastal Electric Cooperative immediately.

Remember, safety is everyone's business.