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How To Run For The Board

Any member of Coastal Electric Cooperative is eligible to run for the board providing they meet all the requirements set forth in the member-adopted bylaws.

A brief summary of the requirements is stated below but in no way should be considered a comprehensive list of all requirements. For complete details and requirements please review the current bylaws in our member document center.


Any person shall be eligible to become, or remain, a member of the board providing they are a permanent resident within the district from which the Trustee is elected or chosen and use a Cooperative Service at a Location within the Trustee District from which the Trustee is elected or chosen. The candidate must not in any way be employed by or financially in control of an enterprise that is in direct business competition with the cooperative or that supplies goods or materials to or performs services for the cooperative. The candidate must be in 'good standing' meaning has not had services from the Cooperative or any subsidiary cut off or terminated by the Cooperative.The candidate must be at least 18 years of age, have the capacity to enter legally binding contracts and must not have had a felony plea or conviction of record upon a criminal background check. Candidates must not be a close relative of a current employee or trustee.

Petition Nominations

A nominating committee, appointed by the board of trustees not less than 60 days before the Annual Meeting, shall meet to select one member for each office of trustee to be elected. Members may make other nominations in the form of a written petition to be delivered to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) not less than 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting. Official petition forms must be filled out and contain verifiable signatures of at least one percent (1 %) of the total number of active, non-suspended members. Candidates wanting to be considered as a petition nomination candidate must obtain the official documentation from the CEO.

Interested candidates should call (843) 538-5700 for complete details.